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The Smart City is a project of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, GoI to create “Smart Cities” in India. The major infrastructure elements in a smart city will include adequate water supply, assured electricity supply, sanitation, including solid wate management, efficient urban mobility and public transport, affordable housing, especially for the poor, robust IT connectivity and digitaization, good goverernance, especially e-Governance and citizen participation sustainable environment, safety and security of citizens, particularly women, children and the elderly health and education.

Kavaratti was selected under the smart city mission in round 4 in the year 2018 by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs, New Delhi.

  • Kavaratti was selected under the Smart City Mission in Round 4 (four) vide F.No.K-15016/157/2015-SC-I dated 19.01.2018 Ministry of Housing Affaires, New Delhi.
  • Total Project cost - Rs 527 Crore
  • Convergence and Public Private Participation (PPP) – Rs. 180 Crore
  • Net fund sanctioned - Rs. 347 Crore
  • Kavaratti City is the only city selected under Smart City Mission which does not have the Urban Local Body (ULB)
  • Kavaratti Smart City Limited (KSCL) was incorporated on 15th November 2018.
  • The first Board of meeting of Directors was held on 07th December 2018.
  • Second Board of meeting of Directors was held on 04th March 2019.
  • Lakshadweep Development Corporation Limited (LDCL) was appointed as Project Management Consultant on interim basis till the appointment of full time PMC.
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has no objection in Kavaratti Smart City proposal for appointment of LDCL as PMC vide letter F.No.K-14012/101(108)2018-SC-III-A dated 31st December 2018.
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Background Note

UT Administration requested Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, New Delhi to exempt from creating SPV for Kavaratti vide letter F.No.1/3/2015-SCC/1086 dated 22.05.2018 and F.No.1/3/2015-SCC(part)/1477 dated 30.06.2018.

There are 27 major projects sanctioned under Smart City Mission, however it was decided to execute these projects through line departments of U T of Lakshadweep.

The request for exemption to Kavaratti for creation of SPV was not acceded vide F.No.K-15016/145/2015-SC-I dated 14.06.2018 and F.No.K-15016/145/2015-SC-I dated 23.08.2018.

Out of the total cost of the project Rs. 527 Crore, there is convergence and PPP with respect to projects worth Rs. 180 Crore. The net fund available for SPV to implement the projects is Rs. 347 Crore. Moreover, work such as procurement of all weather ship itself cost around Rs. 260 Crore and this work will be implemented through department of PSA

Project Details of Kavaratti Smart City Ltd.
Sl.No. Details Number of projects Cost of Project (in Crore)
1 Number of projects 100% funded by Smart City Project 16 128.49
2 Number of projects 100% funded under convergence 5 111.20
3 Number of projects 100% funded under PPP 1 4.85
4 Number of projects partly funded by Smart City Project and Partly by convergence 5 282.07
Total 27 526.61