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Projects Details

Project Name Smart Class Rooms

Smart Classroom is an initiative to enhance the learning outcomes of school children in government schools, using diverse technique and empower teachers by training them to use interactive techniques and multimedia content. To provide 76 smart class rooms, Language Lab, E – Library

Project Objectives:
  • To increase knowledge assimilation amongst school children
  • To enhance learning by creating a interactive environment.
  • To enable access to high quality educational materials.
  • To provide new and innovative tools to teachers and enable them to provide better education to students.
  • SmartCity Kavaratti provide world-class education to the children in Kavaratti.
Project Implementation:

Project is being implemented with the assistance of Department of Education

Smart Classroom components:
  • Multi Media Content in all Subjects and Language laboratory in English, Hindi and Malayalam.
  • Computer / Desktops, High End computers
  • Projector, White board and Green Pin up boards
  • Wi-Fi at school campus with minimum 4 mbps internet bandwidth
Status DPR Approved
Project Type Smart City Mission + Convergence
Sector Education
Total Cost (in Lakh) 107.00
KSCL Fund (in Lakh) 105.64
Convergence Fund (in Lakh) 1.36
Expenditure (in Lakh) 0.00
Project Start Date
Expenditure as on Date
Balance to be paid 0.00
Remarks Project is being implemented with the assistance of Department of Education, Kavaratti.
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